To the Booze, the Crew, and the fights we never lose!

– The Regulators mantra

Last night marked the first Town Hall meeting exclusively for New World within The Regulators. With a large turnout, much was discussed about the future of our group in regards to the steady decline of the Mictlan server, which in turn was leading to decline in interest within the group. For those who were unable to make the Town Hall, or for anyone who just needs a refresher, a summary is available below.

State of the Community

After polling our community and scouting the most promising option, the vast majority decided to migrate from Mictlan to a new, high population server named Calnogo. This new server boasts a significantly larger server population which, as has already been experienced, allows for a steady supply of PvP content. That being said, the factions are balanced, the community is friendly, and there are also a ton of people doing PvE content. I’ve also noticed that, for the materials runs I tend to do, I’m not having to compete with anyone wildly for materials when harvesting.

Company Identity & Structure

Previously known as the Black Dog Company as ‘Regulator’ themed options at the time were not available, Nava was able to snag the crew name “The Regulators Crew” recently. We’ve since set up the new crew under this name on the Calnogor server.

It was also discussed how the crew could benefit from the introduction of a few structured ranks to help support our varied needs and interesting. A brief review of the proposed ranks is as follows (if interested in any of these, please reach out to Unster):


Experienced in organized PvP such as Wars, Invasions, and Outpost Rushes, these invididuals are tasked with training those interested in such events. Additionally, they will be working within the Marauders community to represent the Company and help organize and prepare for wars and invasions both offensively and defensively.

Treasurer *

Responsible for accurately tracking gold in and out of the company, securing funds in reserve in case of needed for war declaration or acquesition of materials for members.

* this role will require someone who has been a long-term and trusted member within the community.


Stockpile goods relevant to thier Primary crafting material for use in honing their craft and providing services to the company.

Scout(s) *

Vastly knowledgable about the land and it’s bounty, Scouts are always willing to help someone find something they need, show them something they’ve likely never experienced, and organize adventures.

*name subject to change


The discussion for hosting weekly events (that do not conflict or coincide with already scheduled RDR2 events) was held, and a lot of interest was shown in group activities such as Corruption Portal runs, PvP group runs, and even perhaps things such as Duel Nights.

If you have ideas for any such events that we could try out, feel free to bring them up.

Out with the Old

As part of this migration, we certainly don’t want to leave anyone behind, or give them the impression they are being left behind or forgotten. Oh Em Gee has volunteered to serve as Interim Governor for the old company back on Mictlan while people get the word and prepare to transfer (if they wish). Five days from this posting will be allocated for people to make the transition, after which anyone remaining in the old company will be removed as part of it’s disolving, and Oh Em Gee will migrate to the new server along with the Treasury, which has been documented and he is guarding in case we need or want to secure anything from the old world to bring to the new one.

Information Gathering

As part of an attempt to better organize our efforts, there are forms you will find in the New World #info channel to assist with the move. Please be sure to fill these out as soon as you can, as they will largely assist in both getting reconnected with everyone, expediting invites into the company, and organizing our crafting efforts going forward.

No One Left Behind

One concern that was brought up during the Town Hall was that in regards of lower level players who may not have the time or interest in rushing to max level feeling as if they’re being left behind. We want to make it clear that this is not, nor will it ever be, our intention. Our plans to organize and host group events, as well as our general willingness to assist each other with quest runs, is something we will be working to maintain and expand upon.

On the same note, if anyone at any time does have interest in being Power Leveled, our experienced high level players have offered to jump to the occasion should anyone ever express interest.


Overall it was a great Town Hall, and as such we will try holding them bi-weekly and guage how often we need or want to hold them thereafter. Given how the holidays are in effect for those in the U.S. at the end of the month, the next scheduled Town Hall is slated for December 3, 2021. A reminder on the Discord server will be set up accordingly.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding any of this, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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