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Capture the Corset

July 31, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm UTC-7

Event hosted By Cat Cross and Darthsamlls

Once again it’s time for Capture The Corset!

Two teams, three flags per team. The object of the game is to get all three of the other teams flags into your camp to win!

Six flags (corsets) will be chosen before the game starts and assigned to a camp (either my own or smalls’ camp)


All Corset flags will be dressed hat to boots in either RED or GREEN for easy identification (If you wish to be a Flag please make sure that you have both outfits set up and on your horse before the event)

NO WEAPONS, except your lassos and fists

All Corset flags MUST arrive at your camp alive, if the Corset flag dies they automatically go back to their home camp.

Corset flags may NOT fight or struggle you are a FLAG <3

Team members, you MAY guard your flags, you may be sneaky, you can steal your Corset flag back while they are on route, but once it’s planted at the stew pot of your enemy, you may not try and take it back. 

Once you have deposited a Captured Corset flag at the STEW POT of your camp that Corset Flag MUST stay where placed.

From when the flag is taken until they are deposited at the enemy camp you MAY try and get them back. It’s only too late once the flag has been set down at the enemy camp STEW POT. Once that is done, the flag is considered captured. THREE enemy Corset flags at your camp STEW POT and you WIN!


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