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Corsets of the Corn

October 19, 2021 @ 10:00 pm 10:30 pm UTC-7

OH NO the cult-like activities of The Regulators™️ attracted the attention of a serial killer: She Who Walks Among the Rows. Try to survive as the killer hunts you in the large corn fields of Bayou Nwa. It will be a chase until only one player remains and earns the right to survive. Matches will last until one Hunted remain. That person will then become the demon for the next round. Its strongly encouraged to wear dark colored clothing to blend in and conceal yourself. You will only have one life.


Rules The Hunted

-mini map off

– first person view only

-no weapons/no fighting back only running and hiding

-no tonics/no food

-no cards

-no fighting other hunted

-must stay inside corn field

He/She who walks among the rows

-mini map off

-first person view only

-melee weapons: machete/hatchet/cleaver but no throwing

-no cards -must stay inside corn field

-wearing one of Gus’ garments/scary outfit


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