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The Regulators Iron Horse Race

September 18, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm UTC-7

Welcome to the Regulator Iron Horse Race!

Riders will be racing from Annesburg all the way to the Scratching Post out in Gaptooth Ridge.

Racers may use any horse they desire, with any saddle and stirrups combo.

Racers may take any route they desire to get to the Scratching Post, BUT they MUST ride through the western ford across the Lower Montana River as that is the only checkpoint.

When the race begins, there will no PvP allowed.

However, at a certain point, PvP will be enabled, which will be called out by the race judge.


No lassos or bolas are allowed.

No explosive or incendiary ammo.

Paint it Black is NOT allowed.

Golden cores and tonics for the RIDER are allowed.

You must be on horseback to shoot/attack anyone.

You may only attack other people on horseback. Leave people on foot alone.

No tonics may be used on the HORSE, but you may feed it regular food (hay, carrots, sugar cubes, apples, etc.) all you like. You will need to either pace your horse or alternately have to walk it.

There will be a race referee at the River Ford to insure everyone passes through that checkpoint.

The race judge will be at Scratching Post to greet the winner.

To finish the race, the winner must get off their horse, and run into the house at Scratching Post.

First place will receive a prize.


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