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Fight At The End Of The Tunnel

May 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 4:30 pm EDT

Event By: Becky hosted by the Corsets

Flee those horses because it’s time for a Regulators foot race!
Be the first to reach Bacchus Station by train track, but be careful, not only will you have to avoid sabotage from other members you must keep an eye out for the oncoming train.
Once members have entered the pitch black tunnel, they are allowed to begin blindly sabotaging other members. Lassos, bolas, and fists may be used to eliminate other runners.
No need to worry about the punctuality of the train, as it will be driven by a Regulator to guarantee arrival.

Starting line is point A and finishing line is point B.


-Each member will have one life. Death by another member or train is a disqualification.
-Sabotaging may ONLY happen when you enter the tunnel.
-Sabotaging a member in the tunnel while you are outside/near is a disqualification.
-Members can push and lasso others into the oncoming train.
-NO taking over the train.
-NO horses or vehicles.
-NO guns.
-NO explosives.
-NO melee weapons.
-Fists, Lassos and Bolas ALLOWED.
-Tonics and food ALLOWED.

Dress Code

-All black.
-T-Shirt/No Shirt.
-Trainer like shoes.

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