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Horseman’s Event

September 28, 2021 @ 10:00 pm 10:30 pm UTC-7

Do you fancy yourself a real horseman? Have you ever sat a buck on a neon green colt? How about hopped on a cold backed chestnut mare bareback. The horses you are working with today will not be yer regular barn sour lawn ornaments. These will be wild fresh beasts so I sure hope you don’t chew gravel.

The object is for each person on a team to ride out, find a wild horse, and ride it back to Hanging Dog Ranch. Teams must find horses outside of the direct area of Hanging Dog Ranch (area in the red circle).
-one team starts in blackwater one team starts in emerald ranch
-fast travel allowed to get to desired area (keep in mind the travel time riding back) you cannot fast travel with a wild horse!
-NO PVP no stealing horses
-no npc horses only wild horses count (Morgan, Kentucky saddler, Tennessee walker are wild)
-no reclaimed wagon horses

-The first team to have all their members arrive at Hanging Dog Ranch mounted on wild horses wins


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