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Pony Express

August 21, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

The Pony Express

The pony express needs to deliver their packages in a timely manner.  However they are well aware that The Regulators are out there and looking to steal the packages.  In an effort to thwart The Regulators, The Pony Express has made decoy packages.  The Pony Express will start at Lagras and attempt to deliver the packages to Braithwaite Manor.  The Postman has mixed up the packages however and nobody knows what they are carrying.

Every Pony Express rider will be assigned a point value; some will be worth more than others.  Some may even be with negative points.  Points will be revealed at the end of the round. 

If a Pony Express rider makes it to the mansion at Braithewaite they are considered safe.  Riders will set out in pairs in intervals.

-If all riders make it to the mansion Pony Express wins
-If all riders are captured The Regulators win
-Cards Allowed except hangman/PIB
-Tonics food allowed

-the goal is to lasso off the hore not kill

Team 1 The Regulators

The Regulators start in Caliga Hall.  Chase down the Pony Express Riders and try to take them down by Lassoing them off their horse.  You must lasso from your horse.  If you fall off or die, respawn and continue to search.  Do not Drag Pony Express riders with your lasso.

-Entire team may not camp around the Braithewaite mansion-Lassos NO BOLAS NO HOGTYING

Team 2 Pony Express

The Pony Express Riders Start at Lagras they can take any route necessary to reach Braithewaite manor. If you are lassoed off your horse by a Regulator you are considered caught.  If you fall from your horse or crash your horse you may get back on if you can do so before being lassoed.  If you die by falling you can call for your horse and continue BUT you may not continue on foot so ride carefully.
If you are caught you may try to reach a fellow Pony Express Rider and help protect them.

-Cattleman revolver ONLY no explosive ammo



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