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Shotgun Jousting

October 9, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm UTC-7

Shotgun Jousting

Mount up and Load up.  Its time to joust cowboy style.  Bracket style 1v1.  Players will ride at each other and fire 2 rounds at their opponent trying to kill them.  Taking place at Armadillo Station.

-no cards

-no gold cores or rings

-no eating during a match to regen health

-double barrel shotguns

-No explosive or incendiary rounds

– no bounty hunter dodges

– shooting horse is invalid and will be a redo, 2 downed in a single round by a player horses is a DQ  -riders must stay on their side of the railroad tracks,  if riders collide it will be a strike on the rider who crossed the tracks

– after the 3rd starts if no one dies riders will enter a sudden death where they continue riding around shooting until someone dies.  If there is a collision whomever falls off the horse loses


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