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Slippery Bastards

November 20, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm UTC-7

Saturday 3pm EST – Slippery Bastards Location – Cairn Lake Set up – Choose a starting and finshing line. – Choose a player to be the Slippery Bastard. – The Slippery Bastard stands in the middle, players stand behind the starting line. Rules – Players shout “Slippery Bastard may we cross?”. – Slippery Bastard replies “Only if you’re wearing…(random colour)”. – Anyone that matches the criteria has to run across the playing area and get to the finishing line without getting tackled by the Slippery Bastard. – If they are tackled they become another Slippery Bastard. – Players will then run back and forth when a colour is called until there is one player left. Outfit – Choose multiple colours for your outfit. Guns and belts are excluded from the game. – Wear clothing suitable for cold weather. – No weapons – Players can NOT attack/tackle/bolas/sabotage other players. – Only the Slippery Bastards can tackle players. – Slippery Bastards should dismiss the players they tackle, not kill. – Guns and belts are excluded, eg: You are wearing all white and The Slippery Bastard calls out “Brown”, your brown gun/belt does not permit you to run.


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