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The Best Laid Plans…

November 9, 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm UTC-7

An infamous outlaw leader has been captured by the Pinkerton detective agency and taken into custody, where he will be escorted by the Pinkertons until they reach their destination, where the outlaw will be heavily interrogated, and quite possibly harmed.

The outlaw leader in question is none other than Dutch van der Linde. Dutch’s gang is desperate to gain back their leader and will do anything to rescue him, including attacking a heavily armed posse. Once the gang gets Dutch free of the Pinkertons, he will join their posse and ride off with them to a safe location.

The Pinkertons are then allowed to pursue on horseback, to try and recapture Dutch.

If the Pinkertons can get the leader to Jameson Mining and Coal Company in Annesburg, they will need to hold out for five minutes before being considered the winner. Likewise, the outlaws will need to keep their leader safe for five minutes at their hideout to be considered the winner.

The match will start in Rhodes where local law has picked up Dutch, and the Pinkertons have taken him into their custody.

Once the Pinkertons leave Rhodes, the van der Linde gang will leave from a predetermined point, and try to rescue Dutch.

The Pinkertons know that the van der Linde gang has a hideout somewhere near Emerald Ranch.

If Dutch is at any time killed, the game is over.

No Paint It Black
Only normal ammunition (No Express, High Velocity, Split Point, Explosive, or Incendiary).
All weapons are allowed
No tonics
Golden core food allowed


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