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Lord of The Rings Event Part 2: The Rescue

Hosted By Dahlian Grey

June 1, 2021 @ 10:00 pm 11:00 pm UTC-7

Frodo has been captured by the Nazgul, and they are on their way to Isengard. Elrond has tasked the newly formed Fellowship of finding and retrieving Frodo and aiding him in the destruction of The Ring. Elrond’s Scouts have determined the location of the Nagul and the route they are on. With this knowledge the Fellowship is planning an ambush. Will the Fellowship be victorious in rescuing the Hobbit, Or will this plan turn into another nail in the coffin for Middle Earth?

The Rules

-2 teams Nazgul vs Fellowship + Elves
-Last team standing wins
-Gandalf will have separate rules for balancing magic
-Everyone has one life
-No Horses


  • Wears Black
  • Bows, Bolas, Bladed Weapons. (no special ammo)
    -Cards allowed
  • Tonics Allowed
  • Max group size of 9

The Fellowship

  • Amounts to 8 players (not including elf reinforcements)
  • Cards Allowed
  • Wears browns or Greens
  • Tonics Allowed
    Bows, Bladed Weapons, Bolas, (no special ammo)
  • Wears wizards outfit
  • Only one Dead eye card allowed
  • Incendiary rounds allowed and one dynamite arrow (fireball)
  • Bows, Shotgun (incendiary ammo only) Bladed weapons
    -Tonics Allowed


  • Wears Green
  • Paint it Black OR 2 passive cards allowed
  • Bows, Bolas, Lasso allowed (no special ammo)
  • Tonics

Nazgul will start at the ruined building at the old battlefield outside Rhodes. The Fellowship will start in the surrounding forests.


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