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Trader Sale Tug-O-War

September 14, 2021 @ 10:00 pm 10:30 pm UTC-7

A sale leaves camp at approx 5 minutes past stew o’clock and heads to the destination.  At approximately  7 minutes past “I just walked forward in my session” a dynamite arrow collided with that sale. Who will take home the goods?

-2 teams possibly more depending on amount of players no more than 7 per team
-ALL cards tonics food allowed
-No dynamite arrows
-No dragging players via lasso OR Hogtie

– Weapons to be distributed based on posse size and number of players.  Example: 1 sniper 1 bow  2 repeaters 2 sets of side arms

The Sale will be started and destroyed at a chosen location.  Teams will fight over the bags. 1 bag is 1 point.  If no bags are captured and the time runs below 5 minutes pvp will cease.  First to pick up a bag gets it (AKA DO NOT TACKLE OR SHOOT THE PERSON) and will race to the drop off.


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