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Van Der Linde hunting contest

November 2, 2021 @ 10:00 pm 10:30 pm UTC-7

Van der linde Gang is Hungry

The camp food stores are running low and to avoid sinking as low as the Murfree gang the Van der lindes are having a little competition to see who are the best hunters amongst them.
Polish off those hunting rifles, it’s time for a hunting competition but with a twist.  Instead of hunting animals you will be shooting each other for points.   Each kill will count for 1 point so try for headshots to save time!  Rounds will last 90 seconds so go for as many kills as possible.  Kills will be counted from the kill feed.  Player with the most kills wins!


-no dead eye but regular cards are allowed (make good choices!)
-you may tonic up/eat before a round starts but not during
-you are an “animal” do not fire back but run like hell
-if you are killed please respawn as slowly as possible so the amount of targets stays the same if you respawn quickly they ARE allowed kill you again for more points

-NO PIB but all other cards allowed

-tonics and food allowed
-no explosives incendiary dynamite
-Longarms or Bow only  you will be shooting at a distance
-Downed “animals” do not count they must be killed for credit


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