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You Can’t Do That in RDO – Spring Draws Near

Winter is beginning to wane, and spring draws near. The hibernating animals are beginning to stir... Teams will be comprised of five people each. Each team is tasked with the following goal – to capture a scene to show spring is in the air. The scene must include at least four members of each team! […]

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Cap Dash Relay – Annesburg to Armadillo

This whacky, wild race features multiple stages from Annesburg to Armadillo. Teams will be comprised of four members. Each stage of the race will feature a different form of transportation. Each team must be in a posse. Once a stage is complete, each team must switch to the next mode of transportation. Also, at each […]

The Last Stand

The Regulators have caught wind that an old ally is in danger and ride to help John Marshton Rules: John - may use cards and tonics -Must have Marshtons outfit - No explosive or incendiary ammo or weapons - Must start each round in the barn - If John lives for 5 minutes it is […]