Journal Entry from July 1899 (2021)

To those that it may concern,

It has been some time now since I have entered the ranks of the Regulators crew, and it has been a most wild ride indeed. Anyone who knows me knows my love of both history and documenting current events in the crew on various formats of film. History is important. Not only early history, in terms of how the crew came to be, but its ongoing history that is created by those who are here, in the now.

Written history is something I adhere to and have a passion for. That being said, as the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A video may be worth even more. I suppose it depends on your audience.

One of the joys of riding with this crew is there is always something of note taking place. Sometimes it is a funny moment, full of lightheartedness, or an unexpected action scene that occurs on the fly. From the laughter we share on sales, to the sweeping panoramic of a dozen or more Regulators riding into battle across the Great Plains, my trusty camera helps me, and the many photographers we have in the crew, capture those moments. The advanced model from Voyach is truly a wonder, capable of holding up to two hundred photos before needing to change out the plates. The Voyach also offers many amazing filters for those artists who wish to put a classic or colorful spin on the pictures they take.

An eye for the dramatic is not enough, however, to guarantee a fantastic photo. No, the core of that comes from the crew itself, the people who make up the body and heart of the Regulators. It is their proclivity for adventure, their spirit of courage, and their sense of humor. And it is always best to keep that camera handy, because you never know when the next amazing moment might occur!

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