Hold onto your hats, the corsets did it again, hosting one of the most entertaining events this past Sunday.

From the creative mind of Sara/Hot Mesbian and led by the two team captains Darth Smalls and Calliplays, we could not have asked for a better setting other than the battlefield of Bolger Glade.

Team Smalls showing off their spoils with hats collected, after the second round.
Photo credit – D_Enchanted

Opposing teams rushed each other armed with nothing more than their fists and the ability to boost their coresm, minds set on the one single objective; grab the hat and get to the safe house.

Outsmart, outrun and outfight was the name of the game and the Regulators went nuts giving it their all.

No hat, or Regulator wearing one, was safe form the death tackle that would knock that hat off your head leaving it exposed and ready to be claimed by the opposing team.  

Even on opposing teams the Regulators always stand together for that group Photo
Photo credit – D_Enchanted

The Regulators battled it out for 6 rounds, with hats being tallied at the end of every round. By the final round Team Smalls and Team Calli had a point difference of only two points, the last round was a battle of sheer will.

With the Regulators leaving everything on the battlefield, Team Smalls took home the victory with a total of 46 hats collected against Team Calli with 43 hats collected it was a sweet victory!

In true Regulator fashion the winners were celebrated with the traditional “Birthday Candle” marking the end of a great day!     

Traditional Birthday Candle – As host Sara had the privilege of lighting this one !
Photo credit – Jon Copperhead

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