Member of the Month – November

As winter draws near, the days shorten and the nights grow long. But never fear, another bright light has appeared in the form of November’s member of the month – Crysiiz! Crysiiz is always willing to jump in to any event and help out his fellow Regulators, whether it be a trade sale, duking it […]

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A Brave New World

To the Booze, the Crew, and the fights we never lose! – The Regulators mantra Last night marked the first Town Hall meeting exclusively for New World within The Regulators. With a large turnout, much was discussed about the future of our group in regards to the steady decline of the Mictlan server, which in […]

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Coming from our very own talented Tiger, the crew is happy to present the inaugural launch of THE IRREGULATORS, a series of comic-style panel shorts detailing some of the more humorous and relatable aspects of life in Red Dead Online and within the crew itself. Stay tuned for more of these from Tiger!

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Member of the Month – October

As autumn gallops into full swing, and Halloween nears, another Regulator has been recognized as our member of the month – Ari! Ari is always willing to help out with any task, whether it be escorting a trade sale, participating in the weekly events, or lending some deadly firepower in fights when fellow Regulators are […]

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Member of the Month – September

This summer has seen many new people join the ranks of the Regulators. As we march into the onset of autumn, our member of the month for September is Dadukie! While newer to the crew, he has a cheerful greeting for all, and pitches in regularly to help his fellow Regulators, both old and new. […]

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Member of the Month – August

August was a busy month for the Regulators in many ways. Not in the least, we saw a large number of custom made emojis, memes, and stickers arrive for usage, all thanks to the Meme Master himself, LORDSELOT! Lordselot not only continues to amaze us with his clever and witty memes, but is also known […]

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