From the Journal of Jon Copperhead

Journal Entry from July 1899 (2021) To those that it may concern, It has been some time now since I have entered the ranks of the Regulators crew, and it has been a most wild ride indeed. Anyone who knows me knows my love of both history and documenting current events in the crew on […]

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The Tradesmen Week

Apart from new content in Red Dead Online the most sought after week by far is the Double Trader XP and Payout week. These updates are few and far between but when they come around the Tradesmen kick into full gear to supply the crew with multiple sales per day and every Regulator earns more […]

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Hat Wars of Bolger Glade

Hold onto your hats, the corsets did it again, hosting one of the most entertaining events this past Sunday. From the creative mind of Sara/Hot Mesbian and led by the two team captains Darth Smalls and Calliplays, we could not have asked for a better setting other than the battlefield of Bolger Glade. Opposing teams […]

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The Regulators Love to Have Fun!

The Regulators love to have fun, whether it is at an event, battling rival crews, or running bounties, collections, or sales. While we take our sales seriously, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any fun. In fact, some of the funniest experiences occur during our sales deliveries. You never know when a wagon is going […]

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