There are a number of ranks which help make up the crew, from regular ranks gained by being active member of the community, to distinguished ranks to highlight more dedicated roles. You can find more information about each below.

Crew Ranks

These are the general membership ranks one can progress through when being active in the game and in the Discord.

The 1 week probationary period. During this period the candidate is overseen both with their activity and personality. Vagrants are also exempt from warnings, make sure you go through rules thoroughly.

Has been an active cowboy for 3 weeks to be promoted to Hustler.

Has been an active hustler for at least 4 weeks to be promoted to Gunslinger.

Has been an active gunslinger for at least 5 weeks to be promoted to Marshal.

Has been an active marshal for at least 6 weeks to be promoted to Regulator.

The most active members become Regulators.

Distinguished Ranks

These are specific ranks which can be applied for here in order to assist the crew with specific activities.

Paragons are those whom have been recognized for their loyalty and dedication, having gone above and beyond in service to the crew.

Often considered the lifeblood of the crew, Tradesmen keep sales generating and materials shared so that members can always be earning.

Sleuthhounds can find just about anything, lost or hidden. These are members who regularly host collection runs and know where to find each type of item.

Sometimes people don’t want to be found, but if those people have a price on their head, our Headhunters will know how to track them down. Some do it for the cash, and others do it for the thrill. At the end of the day, they always get their bounty, dead or alive.

Seekers of Knowledge are experienced members who know the details about that game that only a grizzled veteran of the frontier could. They stay up to date on changes and have a lot of experience and tricks up their sleeves to pass on to others.