Broken rules will be followed by a message, then a mute, then boot. These rules aren’t even rules if you chose to join up with The Regulators, it’s the way we play and this is the best way to make sure everyone enjoys themselves! Every new member is on a 1 week probation as a vagrant until promotion. During that probation we reserve the right to pass any necessary warnings and move straight to kicks/bans. Thanks!

  1. No Griefing/harassment of members or outside members.
  2. Don’t be unpleasant, Dont rage.
  3. Must be 18+. A certain level of maturity is expected.
  4. Must be active on discord and have a mic.
  5. No Religious, Political debates, or Discrimination in general.
    Mature discord etiquette is expected by all.
  6. Server name should be discord/R* name (Superduke/Superduke666) Emojis on nicknames aren’t allowed.
  7. Your R* Social privacy settings must be set to Friends and Crew.
  8. Do NOT add random friend requests.
  9. Must have TREG set to active crew.
  10. You can only use the Regulators privileges if you are active in the server. This includes Sales and Lawmen help.
  11. No Poaching, this means no inviting any members from this server into a new or pre existing server.
  12. ZERO tolerance for Modding.
  13. Associating or playing with modders is banable. When a modder is identified in your session you must change sessions Immediately.
  14. No Drama/inciting drama.
  1. Members must wear Crew colors (blue & whites with) with white hat, Only during sales and events.
  2. Must be willing to contribute to the TEAM MENTALITY.
  3. Again no griefing or harassing (especially our own members)
  4. We don’t shoot first.
  5. No in game “Trash talk” during pvp.
  6. We participate in game mechanic events such as, Stealing sales, player bounties etc.
  7. Sales are no holds barred.
  8. Participate in events when possible.
  9. Any members taking an excessive amount of time lose their spots on a sale.
  10. @Lawman is a tool to use when you are being griefed by players(not by modders). @Lawman will join you immediately to assist.(please also refer to rule 11 in server rules).
  11. @Tradesman can be used whenever you need help filling your table. They are there to assist you, not do all the work except on occasion.
  12. @Sleuthhound will take you on collector runs but will not wait for you to catch-up.
  13. Have fun! :cowboy: