Welcome Committee

New and old players alike welcome.

The Welcome Committee is here to assist all members in learning the ropes and joining the Regulator community.

With a multitude of active members, we are a closed (invite only) crew; however, at times recruitment drives may run within the larger RDO community.

New applicants are accepted via recommendations from existing members, and our Welcome Committee team is always on the lookout for quality players that exemplify the crew’s core values of loyalty, fair play, and teamwork.

If you have a question, the Welcome Committee is happy to answer it for you, or obtain the answer if we do not have it already.

The button below will lead you to a Recruitment Discord that is separate from the main server.

Recruitment Status

Requirements to join the Regulators (if recruitment is open):

All new and veteran players are welcome to join us on PC. All leaders have upgraded camps and max levels in all roles, and we will assist you in any way we can.

Joining The Regulators is a process involving submitting an application and an  interview. All applicants are subject to approval by Staff.

Applications are a first in and first out and only a staff member can approve or deny your application.

Member must be 18+, have a mic and be active in discord.

The Regulators Social Club Crew: (Your active crew MUST be The Regulators crew.)

The crew name can be found on Social Club, you will be invited and you can also request an invitation to the crew from another member. All requests will be handled as soon as possible