Apart from new content in Red Dead Online the most sought after week by far is the Double Trader XP and Payout week.

These updates are few and far between but when they come around the Tradesmen kick into full gear to supply the crew with multiple sales per day and every Regulator earns more money than they know what to do with.

Regulators relaxing around the campfire after back to back sales.

To kick of a week like this you can always count on the Regulators to do it in style, running sales back to back, the acquisition of materials made by the hands of a Crips unknown to us and the cherry on top; Duke’s infamous Tradesmen Hunting Event!

Regulators gathered at Hanging Dog Ranch, Big Valley where they were assigned their respective teams, led by team captains, OddRogue and Arkuhtect . With only 30 mins on the clock the teams were ready to battle it out, with one goal: ” Hunt everything and score the most points”.

It was a hunting extravaganza with both teams racking up record breaking amounts of points and team OddRogue taking home the title of Best Tradesmen with a total of 109 points.

Winning team – Team OddRogue

At the end of the day every Regulator who participated was a winner as 16 hunting wagons were stuffed to the brim with 3 star animals, and honoring an event tradition, Dahlian managed to hunt the legendary bear yet again. It’s events like these that truly bring the Regulators together, helping each other and having fun while making incredible memories.

Showing off the spoils of the day

“May your table never go empty and your pockets ever be full… ” SuperDuke

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